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Representing WIU Students for over 12 years! *

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When your son or daughter is away at school, one of the last things you want to hear is his or her voice on the other end of the phone informing you he or she has been arrested.   
Unfortunately that is a reality for many parents when they have a young adult attending school away from home.  If and when this happens, you will want to put your son or daughter in the hands of an attorney, that not only has the necessary experience, but someone who genuinely cares about the impact such a situation can have on your adult child - and his or her future.

Attorney Susan L. Stambaugh not only has 14 years  experience successfully representing criminal law clients, but she also handles her cases in mind of how such a matter may emotionally affect a student and his or her family, how it may affect the student's attendance eligibility at WIU, the impact it may have on the student's future career, and the impact on the family finances.  

When you cannot be by your child's side in these situations, it may leave you feeling helpless and leave your child feeling extremely anxious and stressed.
Susan L. Stambaugh's goal is to step in and take care of your son or daughter's legal matter as expediently as possible -while striving for the best possible outcome - so that you and your child can put the matter behind you and get focused again on his or her education and future career.

Parents please keep in mind that although you may be the person contacting Attorney Stambaugh for your child, and most likely paying the legal fees, your son or daughter is the actual client. 

Attorney Stambaugh is bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct to "abide by the client's decisions concerning the objectives of [his or her] representation" and must keep attorney client communications confidential - unless otherwise directed by the client. 

Please also keep in mind that Attorney Stambaugh receives an extremely high volume of calls throughout the day.  When, in addition to the student client, one or both parents are calling (and an occasional "Uncle Howie" who is a lawyer in another state - LOL) this can double and triple the number of calls to be returned regarding the status of your child's case. 

Of course it is understood that parents will want to be informed of the status
and outcome of their child's case.  Our office merely asks that the student client initiate all contact throughout the duration of the case - but conference calling with parents is always available through our office.